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Separation and divorce can be devastating, emotionally and financially. Choosing the right lawyer to help guide you through the many important decisions you must make is vital.

MacDonald & Partners LLP has experienced, knowledgeable lawyers and a long history of dedication to our clients and their families. Our sophisticated negotiation experience and our passionate dedication to the highest level of professionalism can help you through this challenging time.

Whether your situation requires patient cooperation with your partner or vigorous litigation through the court system, we will take the path most likely to fit your needs.



Our divorce lawyers for Toronto, North York and surrounding areas serve all kinds of families, and have particular experience in cases that require working with a variety of financial professionals. Our family law services include:

  • Divorce and separation: We will help you find resolutions for child custody, access and support, and other parenting issues. We will also help you and your spouse resolve disputes concerning property division and spousal support. As your family changes, we will help you change your separation orders as necessary regarding custody agreements, spousal support and other matters.
  • Contracts and agreements: We can help you negotiate and draft contracts, both pre- and post-marriage and separation, which will safeguard your interests and deal fairly with division of property, support and other issues.
  • Litigation: Although we believe in avoiding unnecessary conflict, we also know that not all family disputes can be resolved without going to court. Our lawyers are not afraid to fight in defence of your rights and interests, or appeal on your behalf if the court lets you down.
  • Alternative dispute resolution (ADR): When appropriate, we believe in finding solutions cooperatively through ADR. Our lawyers have been instrumental in helping to bring collaborative practice, mediation and arbitration into wider use for the public, literally writing the books other lawyers use on some of these topics.
  • Other family law: While much of family law has to do with separation issues, we also deal with other topics such as adoption, surrogacy, grandparents’ rights and child protection. Call us to find out more.



If you are going through divorce, separation or other family matters in the Greater Toronto Area, North York or Oakville, call us at 416-971-4802 or contact us at famlaw@mpllp.com

We can help you find a resolution that will help your family move on.

if you are going through family issues or a relationship breakdown in the Greater Toronto Area, contact the laywers at MacDonald & Partners LLP and come in to our office, either in downtown Toronto or the Madison Centre in North York.