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When most people think of family lawyers, they usually think of divorce lawyers. And while family lawyers in North York do help couples with separation and divorce, they also offer several other services, including assisting with child support and custody arrangements, spousal support and marriage (prenup) and cohabitation contracts, to name a few.

At MacDonald & Partners, our North York family lawyers are ready to assist you through various family challenges and transitions. In most cases, we can do so without putting you and your loved ones through the stress of a court trial. However, if court does become necessary, you will also find that we have a team of fierce litigators who are ready to advocate on your behalf to make sure that your rights are protected.

Our team has helped thousands of people throughout North York with these family law services:



Divorce and Separation

Even when a divorce or separation is amicable, it can be a stressful and emotional time for families. It is never a wise idea to make important decisions on your own during a time of emotional turmoil. Your rights and your future could be severely prejudiced. Our family lawyers in North York will help you navigate the critical decisions that must be made during this time regarding property division, child and spousal support, and parenting. This is all completed with the highest level of professionalism and sensitivity toward your family.

Contract Agreements

Family contracts such as cohabitation and prenuptial agreements, co-parenting contracts, and separation agreements can both protect you and help to avoid misunderstandings now, and in the future, but for them to be effective, they must be properly drafted.

Our family lawyers can advise you on and draft these and other contracts to help ensure that your family is protected.

Collaborative Practice

Many North York residents going through separation and divorce prefer to do so outside of the courtroom if possible. Collaborative Practice is one method that makes this possible and saves families time, money, and stress. Our founding partner, James C. MacDonald was instrumental in establishing the Collaborative Law Practice in Toronto.

In this method, both sides must agree that if the negotiation process breaks down and goes to court, that they will each retain new lawyers. This alone is often enough incentive to ensure that they are able to reach an amicable agreement. 


When a divorce or separation is dealt with by mediation, it means that both parties agree to work with a trained mediator. In the event that the separation cannot be settled through mediation, which is a voluntary and non binding process, the matter could then proceed to court or arbitration.


In cases where there are still outstanding or unresolved issues following a mediation or negotiations between counsel, couples can then use a process called arbitration in which an arbitrator makes a ruling. This differs from court in that it is completed in private, and you can choose your arbitrator. 


Although most divorces and separations can be solved through alternative dispute resolution, there are times when matters become so contentious that they can only be decided in court. Such cases often involve circumstances such as abuse, concerns over finances, and lack of trust. If you find yourself in this type of situation, our North York family lawyers will advocate in court to protect your rights.

Appeal Work

If you would like to appeal a decision that was made by a judge in a lower court, we will review your case and assist you with the appeals process. We have experts in appeals to assist you.

Common Law Marriage

Common law partners are not always treated the same as married partners under the law. For example, while issues concerning parenting and child support are treated in the same way, matters such as property division and trust claims in property in the event of a separation are not. 

At MacDonald and Partners LLP, we assist our common law clients in a number of circumstances, including drawing up cohabitation agreements and assisting them through separations.

Restraining Orders

It is tragic that some family situations become so abusive that people fear for their safety or the safety of their children or other family members. In such circumstances, you may need to apply for a restraining order. Our family lawyers can help you with the application process.

Other Family Law

While most of the family law cases that we handle in North York involve separation or divorce, our lawyers are also experienced with a number of other areas of family law, including adoption, grandparents’ rights, surrogacy and international abduction and support cases. 

International Custody and Abduction

Countries that are part of the Hague Convention have an international treaty to help locate and safely return children who are under the age of 16 who have been abducted from their home country. For countries that are not part of this treaty, there are other processes to help return abducted children home.

In this specialty area of family law, we offer expertise in both Hague Convention and Non-Hague international abduction cases.

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