Post-Divorce Variations


A separation agreement is a necessary part of any divorce or separation. It defines how former partners will deal with each other when it comes to property divisionspousal supportchild custody and accesschild support and any other topics of relevance to the relationship.

If you were together for a long time or have children or property in common, you may need to continue to deal with each other, and revisit your agreement, as your life changes.


Adapting to Major Changes


Life is not static, and what worked in the first year of your separation may not work five years later. If there has been a material, significant change in your circumstances, you may need to change the terms of your agreement. It may become necessary to seek a variation of court orders for various aspects of your settlement.

Post-separation and post-divorce variations may involve changes in:

  • The needs of your children, particularly as they grow and their own wishes come to have more weight
  • Income or employment of either spouse, which can lead to a change in support orders
  • Marital status or living arrangements of either spouse
  • Mobility, especially if either partner is hoping to make an interprovincial or international move, as this can lead to changes in custody agreements

Our lawyers will help you negotiate new ways to define your relationship as your life changes.

We can help you find a resolution that will help your family move on.

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