Separation Agreement Lawyer


Negotiating and drafting a solid, workable separation agreement is vital to moving on with your life after a marriange breakdown. Knowing your rights and obligations, and having someone who can help make sure your interests are protected, is of vital importance in this process.

If your relationship has been long and you have children or significant assets, having a skilful, knowledgeable lawyer on your side is vital to understanding the consequences and risks of every part of the agreement.

If you do choose to negotiate and draft your separation agreement without a lawyer, it is important to have Independent Legal Advice before signing. Even if you and your spouse are generally in agreement about how to handle your separation, you must both have a separate lawyer to advise you of your rights. One lawyer cannot act for both parties.


Although it may be tempting to prepare your own separation agreement, a lawyer can safeguard your interests, help ensure financial disclosure is full and detailed, and help make sure that your agreement is fair and reasonable. This will help you get in a good position to move forward without being burdened with unreasonable obligations or cheated out of the compensation or support that you deserve.

Our Toronto separation agreement lawyers are also adept at maintaining negotiations productive and as positive as possible, helping both sides work past the natural feelings of grief, disappointment and hostility that may make negotiation difficult.

We will help you settle issues of:

Even if it is not possible to come to an agreement about everything, negotiating for a separation agreement can make litigation focus only on issues that you cannot resolve.

Our family law lawyers can also help you draft a separation or divorce agreement that is flexible enough to accommodate the inevitable changes that will happen in your life.


We can help you find a resolution that will help your family move on.

If you are going through family issues or a relationship breakdown in the Greater Toronto Area, contact the family law laywers at MacDonald & Partners LLP and come into our office, in downtown Toronto and North York.