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Whether you are in the process of a divorce or separation, navigating the complexities of child support, need assistance in drawing up a marriage contract (prenup) or cohabitation agreement, or are proceeding to trial or appeal, having a good family law lawyer can make all the difference.

MacDonald & Partners LLP specializes in family law in Toronto, Ontario. Our team of professionals can help you through family challenges, and in most cases, we can help you reach amicable agreements outside of the courtroom. But if going to court does become necessary, we are also fierce litigators prepared to fight for you.

We have helped facilitate thousands of family law cases across Toronto, including the City Centre, Etobicoke, and Scarborough.



Divorce and Separation

Divorce and separation are often not only emotionally difficult, but they can be legally complex as well. Our experienced Toronto divorce lawyers can help you with legal issues concerning child and spousal support, child custody, division of family property and more. This is all done with the utmost sensitivity and professionalism toward you and your family.


Important documents such as prenuptial agreements and cohabitation agreements can go a long way in protecting your assets in the event of a future break-up, but only if they are properly drafted. A family law lawyer can help ensure that you are fully covered.

We assist our clients in Toronto Ontario with several contracts, including separation agreements, parenting plans, marriage contracts, cohabitation agreements and more.

Collaborative Practice

Collaborative practice is a unique approach to separation and divorce negotiations, that in most cases, saves families the expense and stress of fighting a lengthy court battle. In this approach, both sides must agree that they will hire new lawyers if the negotiation process breaks down and their family law case goes to court. This agreement alone is often enough motivation to ensure that both sides reach an amicable agreement. 


During mediation, both partners negotiate their divorce or separation under the guidance of a trained mediator. When there are issues that cannot be agreed upon, these are determined by an arbitrator.


Family law arbitration can occur following a mediation in which there are still some unresolved issues that cannot be agreed upon. A professional arbitrator will make a ruling on the issues that are in dispute. The main difference between family law arbitration and the court system is that arbitration is private, and you choose your own arbitrator.


Although alternative dispute resolution such as collaborative practice, mediation, and arbitration can be appropriate in family law cases, there are circumstances where proceeding to court is necessary. This is particularly true in situations where there has been abuse, lack of trust, or concerns regarding financial matters.

Appeal Work

If you wish to appeal a decision that was made by a lower court, our family law team can review your case and, if it has merit, assist you with the appeals process.

Common-Law Relationships

Although common-law partners are referred to as spouses, they are not always entitled to the same rights under the law in the event of a separation. Common-law spouses, for example, do not have the same property rights as married couples; however, they may be entitled to equitable relief claims in many cases.

In issues concerning child support and custody, however, common-law partners have the same obligations as married partners.

At MacDonald and Partners in Toronto, Ontario, our family law lawyers provide advice and assistance to common-law partners including assisting them through their separations and in drawing up cohabitation agreements.

Restraining Orders

No one should have to live in fear that a partner or former partner may harm them, their children, or other members of their family. If you are being harassed or have other reasons to fear for your safety, you may be entitled to a restraining order. Contact us today to begin the application process.

Other Family Law Issues

Although most cases involve separation and divorce, our Toronto family lawyers also handle other family law matters, including adoption, surrogacy, grandparents’ rights, child protection, and abduction cases.

International Custody and Abduction

Countries under the Hague Convention have an international treaty to help safely return children under the age of 16 to their habitual country of residence in the event of an international abduction. For countries that are not part of the Hague Convention, there may be unique processes to help bring them home. At MacDonald and Partners, we offer special expertise in Hague Convention and Non-Hauge international abduction cases.

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